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Ten of the Best Hookah Flavors

Smoking hookah tobacco is one growing trend in the United States. This is because it offers a mellow tobacco smoking experience second to none. If you enjoy smoking shisha, then you probably have engaged in a discussion about the greatest hookah tobacco brands that exist, the different shisha styles and sizes from large to small, cheap to expensive, hoses, colors and even the coal. Today, you can easily purchase a 50 gram tin of any shisha flavor. As a result, one of the most frequently discussed topics by most shisha smokers revolves around the best hookah flavors. From fruits (like apple and grape) & berries to mints & delights, the list of hookah flavors is endless. In this article we look at the best flavors based on flavor details, customer reviews and comments.


  • This flavor is based on the traditional Spanish drink made of barley, rice, tiger nuts, ground almonds and sesame seeds. When smoked, you start by feeling a distinctively light sugary vanilla taste which ends in a sweet cinnamon taste. For those who fancy a cloud of smoke, adding some milk at the base will definitely do the trick.

#9Green Apple Candy

  • Green apples are notorious for having a sour taste but not this flavor. You will be astonished to find that it has a taste similar to Jolly Rancher and it is quite sweet. It is a luscious and lengthy flavor and it is mostly associated with a tiny bit of black licorice aftertaste.

#8White Gummi Bear

  • This is a product of the original fumari flavor creation. It has a tart and fruity smell that is dominantly orange. A smoke of this flavor offers a refreshing taste that combines both orange and lemon tastes. The best thing about this flavor is that it offers a consistent and delicious smoke throughout the bowl unlike other flavors which mellow out after a little or longer smoke. Additionally, its lemon zest makes each puff alive, revitalizing your taste buds every time. Surprisingly, it offers a pineapple flavor aftertaste.

#7Fantasia- Purple Haze

  • This is one of my favorite berry flavors. It comprises raspberry and grape which seem to taste more of grape and raspberry candy than fruit in regards to sweetness. This flavor is so good; it will get into your head. In short, you feel like you have kissed the sky the moment you consume this flavor. You will be forgiven for making it one of your best hookah flavors.

#6Cuban Mojito

  • Named after the popular drink, this twisted mint flavor will muddle your senses and leave you in a fantasy world like no other. It is made of a lime and mint combination which in all honesty is quite sweeter than expected. It offers a fresh and cool feeling that is not only light but also lasts longer. Even Ernest Hemmingway (a bibatory sapidity expert) is a huge fun of this flavor.

#5Tropical Revenge

  • I don't know what or who wronged the tropical fruits to invoke their wrath. All I know is that for best results with this flavor, this is a dish best served hot. It is basically a combination of exotic fruit flavors (though grapefruit takes the lion share of the taste) ready to joggle your smoking experience to a whole new level of high.

#4Pumpkin Spice

  • We all have wished for a little room to fit in a pumpkin pie after a thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to pumpkin spice, you get all the flavor of a pumpkin pie without the inconvenience of a pie. In short, if you have been looking for a sweet and spicy alternative to fruity flavors, your search has come to an end.

#3Pink Lemonade

  • It is said that this flavor was invented when a circus performer made lemonade using water that had previously been used to wash red tights. Whatever the story, pink lemonade is an awesome thirst quencher and having that flavor immortalized in smoke, is a dream come true to most hookah lovers.

#2Cactus Breeze

  • This flavor is inspired by a mixed drink made of pineapple juice, cranberry juice and sour mix. The sad part is that it is quite difficult to pick out the individual flavors of cranberry and pineapple in the shisha. However, it is a great flavor to smoke alone or even when combined with another flavor.

#1Juicy peach and Kashmir Peach

  • You may wonder why the two flavors share the same spot but even after checking out customer comments, reviews as well as votes I still could not separate the two. A smoke of Juicy peach makes you believe you are biting into the real fruit itself while Kashmir Peach offers a more airy and floral peach taste with a spicy buzz. In short, these two are my best hookah flavors.